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Web Designer
& Marketer.

Hi, I'm Charlotte Mae.

Although I am very well qualified in both web development and marketing,  I am continuing to learn by working towards further qualifications since all things digital will never cease to change and become more complex.

I have worked within the web and marketing industry for over 5 years, within a range of industries and businesses of all sizes from leadings brands to small business owners. In fact, my passion really does lie with helping small business grow whether that’s by making the most of social media or helping build an online presence by creating a professional website.

I’m passionate about what I do because I truly do love my job, something that is reflected in everything I create.

How can I help you?

Web Design

I am a qualified web developer specialising in WordPress Websites. From E-commerce sites to building forums, I can help


From creating content and graphics for social media posts to creating email marketing emails.


Helping your business stand out. From Logo Design, Social Promo Posts to Biz Cards.


What they say about Charlotte.

How can I help you?

Looking for a Freelancer for your Web Design Business?

I have over 7 years experience in the WordPress world, helping small businesses create their website but I also have 5 Years experience of freelancing for Web Designers & Marketeer and helping their biz grow by working with them on their clients web designs.

4 reasons why every small business needs a website

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